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Our money guides help you make better financial choices

Guide to balance
transfer cards

Guide to balnce transfer credit cards

Since the 1990s, balance transfer credit cards have been amongst the most popular cards in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. Read our guide to learn more about why these cards are so popular in the UK.

Guide to dealing
with debt

Guide to dealing with debt

People in debt often feel like they have lost control of their finances. Read our guide to understand the steps you need to take to regain control or where you can turn if you need more help.

Guide to
joint accounts

Guide to cards for rebuilding your credit score

Joint accounts are a popular way for couples and others with joint bills to pay to simplify their finances, but they do not come without risks. Read our joint account guide to ensure you understand what opening a joint account really means.

Guide to section 75 of the
consumer credit act

Guide to section 75 of the consumer credit act

Section 75 offers shoppers using UK-issued credit cards some of the most powerful purchase protection in the world. Learn more about this free cover, when it applies, and what you need to do to access it.

Guide to
the FSCS

Guide to the FSCS

Making sure your money is protected following a collapse of an institution is important. This guide gives details of how the Finacial Services Compensation Scheme is there to protect consumers and make sure they don't loose their money.

Guide to the
Sale of Goods Act

Guide to the sale of goods act

The Sale of Goods act offers protection to consumers who feel they have been mis sold a products, but to use it you need to know your rights. This guide give you the knowledge to have real consumer power.

Guide to
guarantor loans

Guarantor loans guide

Guarantor loans are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to payday, and other high interest, loans. Read our guide to understand how they work for borrower and guarantor.

Guide to managing
finances through divorce

Managing finance through divorce guide

During divorce the financial ties we have with our spouse are often as hard to break as the emotional ones. Read our guide as your first step to regaining control of your money.

Guide to
increasing your savings

Guide to increasing your savings

Everyone wants to be be able to save - to have a stash of cash for a rainy day, but as a nation we are very bad at Saving. Read our guide to learn how you can "get in the habit" and build for your financial future.

Guide to transferring
money abroad

Guide to transferring money abroad

If you are thinking about moving abroad or need to send money overseas, this guide will help to understand how get a bigger bang for your pound.

Guide to using a prepaid
card as bank account

Guide to using a prepaid card as a bank account

Prepaid cards are an innovative alternative to bank accounts and offer many of the same features. If you have bad credit, are new to the UK, or just prefer to avoid the high street banks; a prepaid card account could be right for you.

Guide to buying
your own home

Guide to buying your own home

Buying a house is long and complex process. It's probably the biggest financial decision you'll ever make, so prepare yourself by reading our guide to help you avoid the hazards of climbing the UK property ladder.

Guide to
renting a property

Guide to buying your own home

When you're renting out a property it can seem like there is a lot to do. With this guide you can get to grips with what needs doing and your rights with tenancy agreement.

Guide to
tenants rights

Guide to tenants rights

Some landlords are fair and honest, but not all. Know your rights as a tenant and make sure you are getting the right treatment from your landlord with our handy guide.

Guide to slashing
your grocery bill

Guide to slashing your grocery bills

As wages have struggled to keep pace with food prices over recent years many people have had cut back, but with smarter shopping you could get the same for less! Read our guide to learn how you can slash your grocery bill and save.

Guide to
payment cards

Guide to payment cards

Despite looking very similar, the different types of payment cards available to transact electronically online & instore are in fact very different. Read our guide to understand what's the best payment card for you.

Guide to

Guide to budgeting

A well-prepared budget is key to enjoying life without the unnecessary stress that debt creates. Read our guide to learn how you can budget your way to a simple and brighter financial future.

Guide to
pension options

Build credit with a prepaid card

Your retirement should be something to look forward to, but with options becoming ever more complex how do you plan. Our guide to pension options offers ideas regarding alternatives to the basic pension that is provide by the state.