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Travel insurance for over 65's

Many people have more time to go abroad when they get into their sixties, but it isn't all swinging when they see the price of travel insurance. As age creeps up, so do the number of claims and expenses incurred by insurers, who price their premiums accordingly.

How I get cheap travel insurance?

Just because something is cheap, it may not be good value (to paraphrase Oscar Wilde). When you are looking for travel insurance, you want something that offers value, but you need a policy that will protect and help when it counts. The first step to achieving that is by being honest.

Medical Conditions

If you have any existing medical conditions, you should declare these when seeking quotes. Some insurers will not protect you against all conditions and, even if they do, they will need to know what they are insuring you for.

If you don't disclose medical conditions when asked, your policy is likely to be void, and (in theory) you could have committed fraud. It isn't worth getting a criminal record for, and you shouldn't always assume that any particular condition will result in higher premiums. Insurers price their products according to risk, and, if your situation prevents you from undertaking certain 'risky' activities, your policy could be cheaper.

Go Annual

If you're a regular traveller, you could save money with an annual policy. Admittedly, the periods you are able to travel for under an annual policy are shorter than they would be if you were younger. However, these policies save insurers money on acquiring new customers, and they can pass these savings on to you.

Double up

If you're travelling with a partner, and you both need travel insurance, you can save money by getting cover under the same policy. Again, for insurers, this is a 'two birds with one stone' situation, and the savings they make can be passed on to you to encourage you to complete the transaction.