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What is family travel insurance?

Family holidays are expensive. Almost every child has the school breaks, and supply and demand results in prices rocketing. So, if you can afford a vacation, you'll probably want to make savings elsewhere. One way you can do this is by getting a family travel insurance policy, rather than arranging individual cover.

Family travel insurance offers cover for the whole family within one policy. Of course, what is meant by the 'whole family' varies slightly from provider to provider, but if you can all fit in the same car to drive the airport, you'll probably be covered.

What does family travel insurance protect against?

Although the specific levels of cover vary by policy, most family travel insurance provides protection in three areas.


If you're travelling in Europe, EHIC cards will offer some protection, to your family, but they do not cover all circumstances, and will not ensure you, or your loved ones, are returned home safely if you're involved in an accident.

Of course, having family travel insurance does not mean you don't need your EHIC cards, as most policies are priced to assume you have your card, and if you don't carry your EHIC, your policy may be voided.


It's incredible just how much 'stuff' you need to take abroad as a family, and some of it is pretty valuable (monetarily and sentimentally). If your bags are lost in transit, or your belongings are stolen, your policy will reimburse you for the costs. Of course, there are sometimes exclusions as to what you can claim for and often excesses to pay, but some protection is always better than none.


When you've been looking forward to some family-time all year, the idea of your holiday being cancelled is not a pleasant thought, but it happens. Airlines fail, political situations change, and sometimes medical emergencies at home prevent you from travelling. Given the cost of taking a family away, you want to ensure you are covered, so that you can book again as soon as possible.