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Bank Account Guides

Our bank account guides help you maximise your banking benefits

Guide to
current accounts

Credit reference agency guide

Banks and building societies offer numerous current accounts, but not all are created equal. Getting the right account could see you benefit from great rewards and perks. The wrong account could be drain on already stretched income. Read our guide and make better switching choices.

Guide to
joint accounts

Guide to cards for rebuilding your credit score

Joint accounts are a popular way for couples and others with joint bills to pay to simplify their finances, but they do not come without risks. Read our joint account guide to ensure you understand what opening a joint account really means.

Guide to using a prepaid
card as bank account

Guide to using a prepaid card as a bank account

Prepaid cards are an innovative alternative to bank accounts and offer many of the same features. If you have bad credit, are new to the UK, or just prefer to avoid the high street banks; a prepaid card account could be right for you.

Guide to
business accounts

Business credit card guide

Cash flow is the lifeline of every business, for this reason business owners need their account to be flexible, convenient, and where possible, cheap. Read our simple guide to understand the banking options available to your business.

Guide to
student bank accounts

Student bank accounts guide

Students might always be broke, but banks know that they are also likely to be higher earners. This is banks offer some of the most generous and attractive accounts available to students. Read more about your banking options and get a top grade account.

Guide to
packaged accounts

Guide to packaged acounts

Badly chosen packaged accounts understandably get a bad press, but these accounts can be a fantastic way to get great value. Read our guide to help you find the right packaged account for your lifestyle.

Guide to offshore
bank accounts

Guide to offshore banking

There are numerous reasons you might want an offshore bank account but, with so much choice, how do you go about picking the right one? Read our guide to offshore banking to understand your global banking options.